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Mobile Text Alerts for Churches

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Growing a church will simply happen if you preach the word, and not your opinion.  Church’s that have people who are hungry for the Word of God, will be blessed, and prosperous in all areas of life.  This will ultimately be what attracts others to your church.  People who not only hear the Word, but become DOERS of the Word will be walking billboards for your church.  The harvest should be the most important aspect of a church.  Reaching the lost should not be filled with gimmicks and sales tactics, but simply preach the Word of God and help those who are truly hungry for it.  


Let’s be honest though, many of us at some point fall into temptation to be disinterested in the things of God.  It can happen out of nowhere and we will have to stir ourselves up from time to time even when we don’t “feel” like it.  I’m so thankful to be a member of a church where my Pastor helps to keep us stirred up.  Our pastor uses text message marketing to communicate to his congregation before every service.

 He only used to send out messages randomly regarding service, maybe once per month, but lately we have been getting an update and a little heads up about service before each message!  It’s great!  I honestly look forward to those text messages.   Our church meets on Wednesdays and Sundays.  It’s so nice to get a text message about service, especially before our midweek service.  Pastor will send out a message regarding what is on his heart to preach on, and it gets you stirred up, and focused on coming to church the right way.  

It matters how we show up to the house of God.  We should show up with the attitude of being a supply to the church, and encouraging to others.  Come expecting a Word from heaven, a bold faith attitude.  

Here are some messages my pastor has sent out the last few weeks to help prepare our hearts for service:

Tonight: “How to Overcome Fear and Worry”
Fear is what keeps people poor in all areas of life regarless
of how much money they have.  Live above fear! FC@6:30

The above text message sent out by our pastor really helped to get your mind thinking about how to prepare to come to church.  He sent this text out at 4pm before our Wednesday evening service, so we had a couple hours to prepare.  Like I said before, it matters how we come to church.  When the church is all in one accord, the holy spirit will move in the greatest way.  People will get answers for their life.  More people will get saved, and get the help they need.  


Here is another text message our pastor sent out just recently that really helped:

Tonight’s message:  “How to have grace for life”
God’s grace helps us to do all things.  I am very excited about this message.
It’s a word in season!  FC@6:30

New believers will be fired up for a time, but that can quickly fade if they don’t have a connection to the church.  Text message marketing used the right way can help everyone in the church feel connected to the pastor.  It almost feels like you are getting a personal text message from the pastor about service.  There is a greater feeling of connection through text messaging, especially with the younger generations.


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Slicktext has amazing customer service, and you can speak directly to Bobby, he is also my brother-in law!  He can help you set up your campaign and coach you on the best way to use text marketing for your church!