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SlickText Review and Promo Code

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Slicktext Reviews
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 4 reviews
 by Karen
Easy to set up and easy to use!

It is very easy to set up and use. Plus they created the flyers and marketing materials I needed to grow my texting group. It was so easy! Not only do I have another touch point to my customers but they are responding to the text messages and my sales have gone up!


 by Joe
Amazing customer service

Any time I have an issue or questions, Slicktext is quick to solve my problem. I especially love the text to win contest. I use that all the time in my business as a personal trainer!

 by Jesse
Fantastic value for the money

The contests and multiple text words are excellent. The user interface is also easy to use. Most of all, the customer service from Slick Text is nice and very responsive.

 by Todd
Awesome, better than I expected

This is an amazing company. We should strive to be like. They talk human,not a language I don't understand. Great company

My SMS marketing review of Slicktext.:

Before I share my Slicktext review and promo code I need to talk about why you should go with Slicktext in the first place.  As a customer now for over 6 years, I have become very familiar with text marketing and more importantly Slick Text.  When I first joined this company, they had only about half the features they do now.  Slick Text is always innovating, and keeping up with the demands of the industry.  They have one of the fastest loading websites, and their interface and customer dashboard is so simple to use.  With highly trained customer service staff, you will get answers to any questions or issues you have, FAST!

Save 15% off any plan when you use my  Slicktext promo code:  GROWBIG

SMS Marketing Reviews slicktext-review-customer-service SlickText Review and Promo Code promo codes SMS Marketing Reviews  Text marketing reviews sms marketing reviews slicktext reviews slicktext promo code

Reason #1:  Customer Service-

Have you ever emailed or tried to get a hold of customer service from any company and you just wished the response would be instant!?  Or when you are put on hold and it takes 20 minutes till you are finally put through only to find out you need to be transferred to a different department!   Or what about the chat services out there where they STILL take forever to get to you.  WELL…………look no further than Slicktext when it comes to the BEST customer service in the SMS marketing Industry.    Don’t believe me?   Hop over there right now and start a chat with them.  Just tell them you are interested in the service and you were reading an article form Joe at JG Marketing Reviews.  You won’t be pushed to sign up, BUT if you do, they will fully train you to get your marketing campaign launched and working, with on going support anytime you need it!  OH, and you won’t be waiting around to hear from them either.  It will feel like they are waiting around FOR YOU to call them!   I’m serious.  This is why they are leading the industry.  Slicktext puts such a value on customer service.  It’s the reason why everyone is leaving other companies and going to Slicktext.  Another advantage is that they own the company, they aren’t a white label or 2nd party reseller carrier trying to pose as the real company!  THEY ARE the creators of this unique and amazing platform, so Slicktext can change, customize or fix you up with whatever you need to make SMS marketing work for your business!  Not to mention, the team at Slicktext is always thinking of your needs and innovating the market to be the best.   Save a few bucks and enter my unique slicktext promo code at check out.   Don’t just take my word for it though, read some of these slicktext reviews and you will see that they have a consistent 5 star rating!  


Watch this video of my Slicktext review of their live chat.  


SMS Marketing Reviews slicktext-review-no-extra-fees SlickText Review and Promo Code promo codes SMS Marketing Reviews  Text marketing reviews sms marketing reviews slicktext reviews slicktext promo code

Reason #2:  No extra fees for extra features-

As you begin to shop around for a sms marketing company to use to grow your business, you will come across a lot of similarities and a lot of big differences among the brands.  The similarities are, for the most part, the FEATURES that they offer.  The BIG difference is the PRICE, and how you are billed depending on the plan you choose.  With Slicktext, you are only paying for the amount of text messages you plan on sending out each month based on how big your network is or is going to be.  For example, it does not matter if you are on Slicktext’s $29 dollar plan or on one of their bigger plans that costs over $300 dollars, you get ALL the features included in that monthly price.  TEXT-To-WIN contest feature a lot of times is an additional MONTHLY cost with some of the other platforms.  With Slicktext, you get that FREE!  You will also save 15% when you use my Slicktext promo code at the top of this page!  



SMS Marketing Reviews slicktext-review-on-top-of-innovation SlickText Review and Promo Code promo codes SMS Marketing Reviews  Text marketing reviews sms marketing reviews slicktext reviews slicktext promo code

Reason #3:  Slicktext stays on top of innovation and technology-

When I decided to do my in-depth Slicktext review, I had to talk about Innovation and Integration. These are 2 more big reasons to choose Slicktext for your sms marketing needs.  With the ability to integrate with email and the simple fact that Slicktext is always coming up with new features, is just an added bonus to be apart of this great company.  Not to mention, they make using the customer dashboard and list of features so easy that you really don’t need much help from them to get started.  They have people waiting to train you on the more complicated stuff like integrating email and creating an online coupon, or transfering an existing list over to their system.  This is not a company that is just a couple guys sitting in grandmas basement.  This is a professional TEAM of people who are highly trained in an actual office space.  I say that, because I want you to know that Slicktext is a company you can trust, and that they will be here year after year.  It’s ok to get committed.  They won’t be going anywhere.   The Slicktext website loads super fast and all your text messages get sent to your customers within seconds.  Other SMS companies have over a 2 minute delivery delay.   

SMS Marketing Reviews slicktext-best-customer-training SlickText Review and Promo Code promo codes SMS Marketing Reviews  Text marketing reviews sms marketing reviews slicktext reviews slicktext promo code

Reason #4:  Best Training in the Industry- A Slicktext review of their training and customer assistance.

I know I mentioned this briefly above, but it bares repeating again.   You can’t overlook great customer service and training.  You want the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns, and the team at Slicktext will make sure you are growing that list and have an understanding of how to apply text marketing to your advertising and marketing strategy.   Here is an example of one of Slicktext’s training videos.  I want you to see how simple the platform is, even with something that can be as tricky as email integration and getting your email account linked up with your Slicktext account.  Tell them Joe sent you from JG Marketing Reviews or use my Slicktext Promo code. 


One of many Slicktext training videos:

 Slicktext Features:


Here are some of the  more basic features that you will get with Slicktext.  Remember, every single feature that you have seen here so far IS INCLUDED in any of the paid plans!   This alone should be a no brainer on why Slicktext should be one of your top choices for text message marketing.


-Segmenting:  Here is a very cool feature that I have not seen with any other text marketing platform.  It’s called Segmenting!  Once you grow your text marketing list with Slicktext, you are then able to pick and choose based on parameters and information that you have already gathered from your customers.  This is great because this feature allows you to organize your data so you don’t have to send out a text message to everyone every time.  I like to think of it as very specific target marketing!   Watch the video to fully understand what I mean!



Send Mass Text Messages- If you were going to try to do this without SlickText, you would end up with a lot of the text messages NOT getting sent or some lost in a spam filter by your cell provider. Also, to mention that it violates texting laws, because you need the customers permission by having an OPT-IN method with terms and conditions link. This can only be done with SlickText! Besides, you WANT people to be able to Opt-in and out when they want, if you had to manage that process it would never work.

-Text Message Scheduling- this is one of my favorite features of SlickText. I like to send out my text reminders at the same time, on the same day, and many times I’m on the road or busy with a client when I need to be sending out my test message to my members.

With Slicktext’s message scheduler, you can set the date and time for your messages to be sent. This allows you to pre-set as many future texts as you want. The Facebook integration is also attached to the scheduler so as your message gets sent out on the date and time, so does your Facebook post! It’s such a huge time saver and keeps you very consistent.


-Auto replies- The auto reply is the first message your customer will get from you that you pre-plan ahead of time before promoting your keyword. I love to welcome my members and give them an option to show this text to get a FREE class. You can also add in an expiration date to this auto reply to get your customers moving a little faster!

-MMS/Picture Messaging-This feature can be gold! Show your customers an image and they are much more likely to respond to your offer. It can be a worthwhile investment for your business.

-2 Way Text Messaging– This feature is different, because it works with an inbox instead of how normal text messaging works. Your customers can reply to your mass text message you send out and this is a great way to gain feedback or insight on your customers opinions about your business. For example, you can ask for feedback on what they love about your business or what they would like to see changed. All your reply messages will show up in an inbox on your custom dashboard. You will also get push notifications via email when a customer has responded so you know exactly when feedback has arrived!

-Text to Win Contests-By far this is one of the features that I use about 2 times per week. With my fitness class, I have my members text to win a free class every class. It’s so simple, and with Slicktext’s duplicate contest feature, all I have to do is change the date and time real quick and I’m done!

-Email Capture-  Another great feature that Slicktext offers is the email capture feature.  After your customer signs up to your texting service, they will also have the opportunity to enter their email address to be put on your email list.  This is basically like getting 2 birds with 1 stone! 

Email marketing should still be a big part of your marketing strategy and Slicktext makes growing your email list so much easier!

There are always new features and integrations being added to the Slicktext platform.  This is a company that is on the top and is going to stay on the top.  It’s their passion.  They also pride themselves on having the best customer service you could ask for!  Trust me, you will not be put on hold or get an answering machine. 

If it’s important to you, it’s important to them.  I have been a customer and an affiliate of Slicktext for over 6 years now and I’ve gotten to know their staff pretty well.   If you are not one to talk on the phone, use the online chat service.  This is very helpful and they respond to you instantly.


Training-  Slicktext has several “how-to” videos that make learning the system super easy.  No other text marketing provider will give you the support and knowledge that Slicktext does.  Not to mention, every single one of the SLICKTEXT FEATURES, is included in the monthly cost!   

Many other text marketing companies charge extra for features such as TEXT -TO-WIN, and even charge extra for additional keywords too!   NOT SLICKTEXT!!!!  You will seriously love everything about this company and what text marketing will do for your business!  Save 15% on me when you use my Slicktext promo code!

Earn extra money:  Once you start to use Slicktext, you will realize why I hype it up so much!  It’s because it seriously is the top of the line when it comes to SMS Marketing platforms.  So why not join the affiliate team and start referring the service to your customers!  At the very least, you may just be able to make enough to pay for your Slicktext monthly subscription!


-Birthday Texts-now you can give a special offer to your customers on their birthday! Seriously a great way to be professional with an element of personal connection with your customers. They really will appreciate this!


-Drip Campaigns- Drip campaigns is an automated feature that allows you to send a series of time-delayed text messages to subscribers after they join your text list.

-Facebook Integration-Slicktext lets you post to a page or your personal facebook wall every time you send out a mass message campaign. This feature can help to gain more customers to join your text list too!
I hope you have enjoyed my Slicktext review!

For a full list of all the features go to the link below!
Slicktext Features

Watch this video to see why SlickText is now the industry leader in text message marketing!

Slicktext offers a FREE plan without any credit card required.  If you start growing your business and need more than what the free plan offers, simply upgrade your plan whenever you’re ready


Who is Slicktext SMS marketing for?


Churches:  Use Slicktext to send out service reminders, devotionals, cancellations, and special announcements to your congregation.

Schools:  Not all parents get email notifications, so notifying them of cancellations or late starts with text messages is the best form of communication.

Restaurants:   Slicktext has several restaurants taking advantage of their platform.  Send out coupons or announcements to get more customers in on a slow day.

Marketing agencies: SMS marketing can be a great ad on for your customers

Salons:  Use slicktext to send out specials and discounts to your loyal customers to keep them coming  back more frequently!

Real Estate:  Increase lead generation and get more qualified and interested buyers.

Fitness Centers:  In this competitive market, be in better contact with your members with Text Marketing, and send them deals once in awhile.

Pizza Shops:  Increase sales on those slow days by sending a deal customers cant refuse at just the right time!


Slicktext Promo Code:  GROWBIG

So many other businesses can benefit from the advantages of using Slicktext and their amazing SMS marketing platform.  Give them a call today and get your account activated so you can start growing your customer list.



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