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Why use SMS Marketing?

Mobile Text Alerts

I’ve been using text message marketing for over 6 years now, and before that, I never really did use any type of list building strategy such as email lead tools. As a business owner, I own my own personal training and group fitness class, and I must say, I would not have been able to grow this business as fast as I did without the help from a solid mobile text alerts service. Here are my 3 reasons why I personally love using SMS marketing.


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1: Fast and Easy Delivery

Compared to email, text marketing is super easy and also fast.  You can log into your text marketing account and quickly type a short message and hit the send button!   It would take you 3x as long if you were trying to do this via email.  When you are a busy business owner, efficiency is important don’t you agree?!


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2:  More Customers Get Your Message

Compared to email or even a Facebook post, you know that all your customers are going to look at there mobile devices as soon as that text message comes in.  Think about how you are when you receive a text.   It’s hardwired in our brain to have that need to open and read a text message.  For some reason, an email doesn’t usually trigger that same response.   Also, it is more probable that your customers are actually going to get your message and read it with a mobile text alert, rather than sending them an email alert.  It’s a proven fact.


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3.  More Functionality and Features

With many SMS Marketing services, you have a long list of features such as “TEXT TO WIN”, “MOBILE COUPONS”, “MMS MESSAGES” MMS is when you send a picture or video along with your message.  I only named a few features here, but you can read up on the list of features for the mobile text alerts company you decide to go with if you think this marketing strategy would work good for your business.

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So who is SMS marketing for?

Well, if you are a business owner with repeat customers then I would highly recommend looking into using a good mobile text alerts platform to help grow your business.  Some other organizations would be: Churches, non for profit organizations, and other groups that want to make communication easier.


Read my SMS Marketing Reviews page to read about my choices for mobile text alerts.


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